Purchasing Policy


The MumStore offers New Zealand residents the opportunity to purchase, and have delivered to a New Zealand address, Nutricia’s popular infant and toddler nutritional products. However, due to the high demand of these products, we have implemented the following purchase restriction:

All users can only order a maximum of three (3) items within a 14-day period.
For example, if you were to order six tins on Monday, January 1st, you will be unable to re-order until Monday, January 15th.

Subject to the above three items per fortnight limit:

  • Guest checkouts can only order one item per transaction; .
  • Registered users can order up to three items per transaction; and
  • At times, certain products may have alternative purchasing limits imposed to reflect current demand. Where this is the case, that information will be displayed on the product’s purchasing page.

Shipping costs are as stated in the MumStore Terms and Conditions.

Orders can only be placed by (or for) a New Zealand resident, for delivery in New Zealand.

Nutricia uses a variety of security checks to ensure that our users are abiding by this policy. If an order you have placed is flagged for breaching this Purchasing Policy, you will be notified by our Customer Service team and have five (5) days to provide written evidence that you or a person on your behalf has not ordered more than three items within 14 days. If no such evidence is provided within this time, or if having reviewed your evidence Nutricia nevertheless reasonably believes your order is in breach of this policy, Nutricia will proceed with rejecting the order.

PLEASE NOTE: If your order is rejected due to breach of this Purchasing Policy, Nutricia will deduct a reasonable amount from the amount you paid for that order to cover wasted shipping and administration costs, before refunding the balance to your original method of payment. Nutricia will notify you of the amount so deducted using the contact details associated with your order.

If you are unsure whether or not you are in violation of this Purchasing Policy, we suggest you contact our customer service team.